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The beginning

In the autumn 2001 around 40 women entrepreneurs with small businesses, educational associations and the municipality of Simrishamn gathered meeting at the Sea Hotel in Simrishamn. At one point, one of the participants, Susann Arvidsson, suddenly exclaimed, ”Why don’t we form a network for women entrepreneurs here on Österlen?”.  
Ten of the women at the meeting later formed a network and called it Qlara. A leading group was formed with Susann Arvidsson, Agneta Bergenståhl and Gaby Gummesson

The organization

In April 4, 2002, the Network was inaugurated in the Björkegrenska Pavillion in Simrishamn with a party where among others representatives from the municipality participated. Funding from Swedish Business Development Agency (Tillväxtverket) was received. It made it possible for the Network at that point to employ an administrator, Agneta Bergenståhl.
In 2002, the Qlara Network website is launched as well as a member’s Magazine called Qlaranytt.
In May 5, 2003, the Qlara Network is reorganized, now as a non-profit association. The first board comprises Xenia Edberg as chairman, and the members Birgitta Andersson, Agneta Bergenståhl, Brit Mari Billström, Lena Johnson, Frida Jönsson and Anita Åklundh.

Some other important moments

In spring 2005, Gaby Gummesson was appointed the first Qlara of the Year.
On the annual meeting in March 2006, a limitation of intake of new members was decided on. The limitation was removed the following year.
In 2006 the Qlara Network, for the first time was attending the recently formed Simrishamn Municipality's Business Advisory Council (Näringslivsrådet) and participates every year since then.  
In spring 2007, the Psychological Institution of the University of Lund performed a survey with evaluation of the efficiency of the Network. The results were of great value for the Network guidelines and continued activity.
In December 2007, the Qlara Network recieved a funding of SEK 125 000:- from the bank Sparbanken Syd and SEK 471 000:- from the Region of Skåne (Maud Olofsson´s Money) for performing a Mentor Project called “Qlara Besked”.
The Mentor Project “Qlara Besked” was able to start in spring 2008. Initiator is Annika Andebark and project manager Susann Thorén.
In March 2008 the Qlara Network was invited as one of the main speakers at a Network convention in Loch Lomond in Scotland. Gaby Gummesson and Cecilia Granquist-Dahmén represented the Network there.
In July 8-10, 2010 the Qlara Network Network participates with its own information kiosk at the exhibition Hamngillet in Si
and the Qlara Network history continues…

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